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  • Palatability: Taste of the food
  • Growth: Process of growing
  • Hydrolysate: product of hydrolysis
  • Batches: A cuantity of the food made by once
  • Compound: A pure substance composed of two or more elements whose composition is constant
  • Freeze: To become hardened into ice or a solid substance
  • Antifreeze: Substance that makes food not to freeze
  • Smooth: Soft texture
  • Silky: Smooth texture
  • Texture: Visual and espesially tactile quality of a surface
  • Solution: mixture between two or more substances, forming an homogeneous sistem
  • Non-toxic: That doesn´t affects your body when eating
  • Inhibition: Decrease in the rate of the action
  • Taste: The sense that lets you percieve the flavor
  • Protein: Substance, essential compound of the body

jueves, 18 de mayo de 2017

Exercise B - Answers

B- Choose the right option:

1-  "edible" means:
a- that you cannot eat it
b- that you can eat it
c- that is is poisonous and produces mortal effects.

2- "tasteless" means:
a- that it is delicious
b- that it is horrible
c- that it hasn't got any taste or flavour

3- Is "inside" is the "opposite" of outside?
a- yes
b- no
c- this question makes no sense.

4- the suffix LESS means:
a- without
b- with
c- a little

jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

Presentation from "The Blacks Boys ATR DOG"

Hi our names are:

-Alejandro Sar (bull sitting)
-Franco Sanchez (calamelo)
-Franco Olguin (tuki-tuki)
-Thomas Kippes (humedad)
-Lautaro Mlinarovitz (Milhouse)
-Lukas Fafulas (bug)

Alejandro Sar:
  Hi! My name is Alejandro. I live in Burzaco, Argentina. I go to a technical school in Longchamps where I study chemistry. I´m sixteen years old and I live with my parents Federico who is forty six years old and Nancy. She is forty one years old. And two little brothers, Sebastian who is forteen years old and Sergio is twelve years old. I have been play the guittar since I was eleven years old. I like bing with my family and friends, and meet with then.

Resultado de imagen para los pumas

Franco Sanchez: 

 Hi! My name is Franco Sanchez, I am seventeen years old. I´m from Argentina and I live in Longchamps, my neighborhood is called Rayo de Sol. I like listening to every kind of music. I study chemistry in a technical School in Longchamps. I like Martial arts, for example: taekwon-do, kick boxing and few more. I live with my mum and my little brother.

Jade Jones - Taekwondo London 2012.jpg

Franco Olguin:

 Hello my name is Franco. I´m from Argentina and I live in Glew. I assist to a technical school, the orientation is chemistry. I´m sixteen years old, my parents are Hector and Celeste. I live with my two brothers, I´m the youngest. I support a football club called Boca Juniors. I also like playing box

Resultado de imagen para muhammad ali

Thomas Kippes:

 Hi, my name is Thomas. I´m from Longchamps, Buenos Aires. His near the train station. I study in a technical school, it is only one block away from my home. I´m sixteen years old. My parents are Marcelo and Roxana, I also have one brother called Santiago, he is eighteen years old. I play Rugby in a club called San Marcos. I like listening to music; I like going to parties as well.

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Lautaro Mlinarovitz:

 Hi, my name is Lautaro, I´m sixteen years old. I live in Adrogue and study chemistry in a technical school in Longchamps, Argentina. I play tennis in "Leblon Tennis Club" in Burzaco. I live with my mother, Maria Laura, and my grandmother, Laura, but I don´t have brothers. I like football and I support a team called Independiente. I study English in Burzaco. I like listening to music and playing football.

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Lukas Fafulas:

 Hi, my name is Lukas. I live in Longchamps, Argentina. I go to a technical school in with I study Chemistry. I´m sixteen years old and I live with my parents Karina and Antonio and two siblings, the oldest is Keila, she´s twenty years old, the youngest is Nikolas, who´s ten years old. I´ve been playing the saxophone since I was twelve. I like playing volleyball and hanging out, whit friends.
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